The RN&R Teen Issue comes of age

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

Brian Burghart has entrusted the fate of this week’s Reno News & Review to me, his unwavering intern. This teen-oriented issue has been the culmination of my work so far here at the Reno News & Review—that is apart from contributing my fair share of typos, misspellings and anxiety as any first-class intern ought to.

I am a senior at Galena High School, and I came into contact with the Reno News & Review staff through the Gifted and Talented Externship Program that is offered through Washoe County high schools. The opportunity to write, organize and produce an entire issue of the Reno News & Review has been an incredible learning experience for me. I’m extremely excited to have the chance to showcase the talents and accomplishments of some impressive local teens, and to shed light on organizations and concerns that directly affect young people in and from this town.

It is endlessly frustrating to me to see teenagers cast as destructive, naïve or just plain incompetent. While I do occasionally find myself in the midst of silly teenage dilemmas under the influence of pop culture, I hold to the highest degree the belief that my generation has the ability to create and generate incredible ideas and innovations now. Even though we are young, we are completely capable of making an impact, and throughout the process of putting together this issue, I’ve met some truly inspirational kids. This week’s issue was a communal effort by teens and for teens. I’ve worked with numerous people my age from all different schools, cities and states to make this project come together, and I believe it is a wonderful example of the extraordinary things determined young people can accomplish.