The Ring Two

Rated 1.0 Last year, producer Sam Raimi made the decent enough decision to do an American remake the Japanese horror film Ju-On, hiring that film’s director to pilot the remake. The result was a gripping, effective horror film named The Grudge, one of the scarier horror films of recent years. After the success of The Ring, from director Gore Verbinski, producers decided to bring in Hideo Nakata, the original director of Ringu (the film on which The Ring was based) to take a crack at The Ring Two. While The Ring was in some ways a better film than The Grudge, The Ring Two represents a tremendous plummet in entertainment quality. This film is boring. Bor-ring! Nakata’s dreamy style worked for his Ringu, but his pacing leaves American actors looking all lost and confused. Naomi Watts returns for another go as Rachel Keller, world’s worst mom when it comes to what she allows her kid, Aidan (the droll David Dorfman), to watch on television. Not scary … not good.