The rest of the censored stories

11. United Nations Corporate Partnerships—A Human Rights Peril

Kenny Bruno, Dollars and Sense; Danielle Knight, Multinational Monitor

12. Cuba Leads the World in Organic Farming

Hugh Warwick, Third World Resurgence; Alison Auld, Sustainable Times; Stephen Zunes, Designer/Builder

13. The World Trade Organization is an Illegal Institution

Michel Chossudovsky, Covert Action Quarterly

14. Europe Holds Companies Environmentally Responsible, Despite U.S. Opposition

Joel Bleifuss, In These Times

15. Gerber Uses the WTO to Suppress Laws That Promote Breastfeeding

Peter Montague, Rachel’s Environment and Health Weekly; Robert Weissman, Multinational Monitor

16. Human Genome Project Opens the Door to Ethnically Specific Bioweapons

Roy Blake, Washington Free Press; Greg Bishop, Konformist; Robert Lederman, North Coast Xpress

17. IMF and World Bank Staff Tightly Connected to New Yugoslav Government

Michel Chossudovsky and Jared Israel, Emperor’s New Clothes; Christian Parenti, San Francisco Bay Guardian

18. Indigenous People Challenge Private Ownership and Patenting of Life

Kimberly Wilson, GeneWatch

19. U.S. Using Dangerous Fungus to Eradicate Coca Plants in Colombia

Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair, CounterPunch; Ed Vulliamy, London Observer

20. Disabled Most Likely to Be Victims of Serious Crime

Dan Sorensen, Tash Newsletter

21. U.S Military Bombing Range Destroys Korean Village Life

Karen Talbot,

22. U.S. Government Repressed Marijuana-Tumor Research

Raymond Cushing,

23. Very Small Levels of Chemical Exposures Can Be Dangerous

Stephen Lester, Everyone’s Backyard; Frances Cerra Whittelsey, In These Times

24. Pentagon Seeks Mega-Mergers Between International Arms Corporations

Federation of American Scientists, Arms Sales Monitor

25. Community Activists Outsit McDonalds

McLibel Support Campaign, A-Infos New Service