The real enemy

Remember who the real enemy is. The Real Enemy of America is, more than ever, the Republican Party. Once you accept this notion, which at first probably runs counter to the way you were brought up, you see it all with crystal clarity. We were treated to a fresh display of the GOP enmity towards Uncle Sam on Monday at the Comey hearing in the House of Representatives. There, in full view of any who cared to look, the Republicans showed their true concern, and interestingly, it was not for the cyber attack by Russia and its team of computer demons. (Read Malcolm Nance’s book on the hack. Good stuff!) No, what the Republicans on that House Intelligence Committee really wanted to know was (1) are those big bad leakers who are finking them out to the New York Times and Washington Post breaking the law, and (2) how exactly might we be able to fuck with them? Let that sink in for a sec. They don’t wanna piss off their Russian masters/partners/overlords. Not a chance. They wanna bitch slap the reporters who are pulling their pants down and bringing us the truth. How impressively patriotic.

What GOP ass-sux like Peter King and Trey Gowdy truly give a shit about is how to bring hell upon those who keep bothering them with this pesky Russian story—those who tell us exactly who the players were in the operation that, amazingly enough, was successful in getting a pitiful lummox of a shithead elected as president. Remember that, and let that sink in. This is the essence of Party Before Country, which is precisely what Republicans are now about: “Yes, our side committed treason, but your side had the audacity to leak it. We’re coming after you, bitches.”

Oh, and Comey also made it official. Trump’s tweets about Obama wiretaps—total bullshit. Another Trump fantasy. Another Trump lie. Another Twitler Tweet Tantrum.

You can’t get tired. You can’t glaze over, fade out, get weary. You have to be a citizen now, a real citizen, an informed citizen. Get the Times. Get the Post. The Resistance is now. We have a president who, in two months—in all of two months—has incinerated every last shred of his credibility. All of it. Quoting the New York Times editorial from March 20: “Our president is a liar, and we need to find out how serious his latest lies are.” Again—our president is a liar. The End is near. The end of this horrific joke perped upon us by the goons, idiots and vulgarians of America. It can’t come soon enough.