The Proposal

Rated 2.0

Putting Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in a movie together was a good idea. They have great screen chemistry, they are both quite charming, and they can both get some good laughs, even with meager material. Hopefully, The Proposal won’t be the only time they share the screen, because the movie isn’t half as good as the stars who occupy it. Bullock plays Margaret Tate, a big time player at a big city book publishing company and boss to Andrew Paxton (Reynolds). Andrew endures all sorts of job humiliation in hopes that he will one day become an editor. When it’s discovered that Margaret, a Canadian, has an elapsed work visa, deportation is imminent. On the spot, Margaret comes up with a big lie: She and Andrew have been conducting a secret relationship, and they’re engaged to be married. The premise is silly, and it wears itself out after the film’s halfway mark.