The Proclaimers


It seems kind of strange to be getting nostalgic for the early ‘90s, but that’s the feeling that inevitably comes when listening to the latest from The Proclaimers, the Scottish folk-rock duo that hit big in the U.S. when “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” was picked up for the Benny & Joon soundtrack. Those who took the hint and dived into the band’s two albums found more earnest love songs, but also the occasional brisk protest number and a distinctly Presbyterian impatience with self-pitying nonsense, all of it presented in a context dominated by acoustic guitars, tambourines and tight harmonies. After a long hiatus, the boys are back and sound as good as ever; on Persevere, they’re supported by a full band, but otherwise sound pretty much like their old selves on folk-inflected rave-ups like "There’s a Touch" and bitter protest numbers like "A Land Fit for Zeros." Recommended.