The pace picks up

Okey-dokey, something thuggy this way comes. It’s now obvious that President Capone is gonna flat out pardon Lieutanant Manafort, who’s been busy lying his ass off to Mueller because Rule One is you never Rat On The Family. And with this brazen play now inevitable, the Trump/Putin Crime Family is steppin’ up and playin’ ball. Total Mob-style stuff from the fake president, who, of course, is much more MOB BOSS than POTUS. Remember, what does he want from his attorney general? Loyalty. What does he want the FBI to be? His personal goon squad. Super. Just fucking super. Hey, Trump supporters, let me once again say thank you so very, very much, because this guy is just so endlessly colorful and entertaining, ya know? Never a dull moment!

Now, fresh reports that Manafort paid a visit to none other than Julian Assange, Mr. Wikileaks, at Julian’s spider hole in the Ecuadorian embassy in London in the spring of 2016. But nothing to see here, folks. Just keep moving.

Tweet of the week—“Scientists have landed a spacecraft on a dime on a planet 40 million miles away. Think I’m gonna trust them on this climate change stuff.”

Yes, we should make time every day to relax. I would add we should throw in at least a daily half hour for music. It’s remarkable how unfailingly positive a music break can be in the midst of your daily bombardment of Orange Bizarro Info-teargas. It never, and I mean never, fails to make me feel a whole lot better about it all as humanity skates upon ever-thinning ice. Music is invisible, has no weight, occupies no space, and yet, it contains magical force and powerful doses of enchanted feelgood.

This just into the newsroom. A fascinating analysis by a legal website called Empty Wheel, where the unidentified author speculates that Mueller has indeed been playing that often mentioned “3-D chess”—that Mueller’s team, knowing Manafort was lying all along, and not needing his info anyway, continued to let Manafort think he was fooling them. Meanwhile, Manafort, acting predictably as Trump’s mole, is feeding loads of fresh phony jive back to Trump, who then uses these lies to fill out his “homework assignment.” Checkmate?

So maybe when Mueller files the required “detailed sentencing submission, setting forth the nature of Manafort’s crimes and lies,” he will be issuing a fricking bombshell? One that Fake A.G. Whitaker can’t touch? We’ll see!