The Olympics inspire us to be our best

There is one specific thing about the Olympics that stands out to me, and it makes me smile like nothing else in the Games can. It can’t be stopped by the liberal left or anyone else for that matter. It is that idea of greatness, the competitive nature of the Games.

With the Games, we are basically watching the best athletes in the world compete against each other for the gold medal in their respective sports. They are all struggling to receive the title of the best or the greatest. This is highly amusing because greatness is pushed down in everyday society. It is anything but celebrated.

From a young age, we are taught that competition is bad, especially in the classroom. By competing in math or dodge ball, one child is proven better than another. Liberal parents don’t like this because it points out that certain children are better than other kids. Well, here is a news flash, someone is better. There will always be someone out there who is the best at something, and it will not always be your child. So, instead of trying to change the system so no one feels bad about themselves, embrace the system.

By letting a child know from the start they can’t just go into class and expect to be the best, they are better off. Children need to be taught that greatness is earned, not handed out at the nearest grocery store. Today’s liberal society has the belief that it is bad to give children failing grades. Instead, parents should sit down and help their kids so the family (and the child) doesn’t have to worry about the child’s failure.

This idea of not competing isn’t just present in schools, it is spread across the board and affects people throughout society. After spending childhood in a school that pushes for mediocre and conforming minds instead of excellence, these coddled children go into society striving for mediocrity and conformity.

People have been pushed to blend in as opposed to try to stand out. In society, this affects us because we have strings of people who have been raised not to fight for anything. People in this country don’t seem to want to earn their own; they want it handed to them.

With this society of mediocre minds, we are stuck with many people who simply want handouts. And why shouldn’t they? They were raised to believe that to push for excellence is unnecessary. To strive for greatness takes hard work, and children are taught they can get what they want without trying at all. It doesn’t take a gold medal athlete to know that if that’s what they’re taught, then that’s the choice they are going to make.

This is why we have a society that expects free handouts from the government. A government, mind you, that is funded by those who stepped outside of the mold and chose to excel and make a profit in their adult lives. Because they made the choice to excel, they are paying taxes to support those who allow themselves to fall into this mindset of a freeloading society.

This is why I love the Olympics. These individuals and teams fight for greatness. This is so rare in today’s society, but the Olympic athletes show the rest of us the rewards of striving for greatness and competing for the right to say they are better than everyone else at the thing at which they excel.