The Lucky Ones

Rated 2.0

Another case of a great cast weighed down by a bad script. Rachel McAdams, Tim Robbins and Michael Pena play American soldiers returning from Iraq, dealing with all sorts of problems. Pena’s character is having problems with his penis, and is on his way to Vegas to have hookers play with it to see if it still works (not kidding). The McAdams character has a guitar that’s worth a whole lot of money, and she’s returning it to the family of the soldier who owned it (he died in action). And Robbins has marital problems. Some of this sounds like outrageous comedy, but the movie wants to be taken seriously. The result is something that feels a little on the insulting side, for the talent involved and the soldiers the film is supposed to be paying tribute to. The cast tries to make it work, but it’s an awkward film in the end.