The Losers

Rated 2.0

A ragtag team of mercenaries—sort of like the A-Team without half the charm—gets framed by an evil terrorist named Max (an all-over-the-place Jason Patric). They survive a mission in which they were supposed to be killed, and the team sets out to find Max and make him swallow his teeth. The team is comprised of a virtual who’s who of superhero and sci-fi geekdom. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Comedian from Watchmen) plays Clay, the group leader. Chris Evans (Fantastic Four’s The Human Torch and soon to be Captain America) plays the group’s tech guy and resident wisecracker. Also on board is Zoe Saldana as a mysterious woman who helps the team its mission to find Max. Saldana has recently made her mark as Uhura in the new Star Trek reboot and the thong-wearing Neytiri in Avatar. The film is basically one incoherent gunfight after another, none with a real sense of purpose. The mission is hard to follow at times, as if director Sylvain White had trouble keeping the story straight or thought good-looking people firing off big guns was enough.