The Lake House

Rated 3.0

The last time we saw Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock together, they had a big bomb ticking away under their asses while commandeering public transportation (Speed). It took quite some time, but the likeable duo are now reunited in The Lake House, a sweet, if ultimately silly, love story with a time-travel twist. Letters placed in a mailbox time travel in this film, not people. Alex (Reeves) is living in a lake house designed by his father, and he discovers a letter from alleged former tenant Kate (Bullock) requesting that her mail be forwarded to her new address. Odd thing about the letter is that it’s dated 2006, and Alex is occupying the year 2004. The two leads are likeable in this silly movie that ends up tugging on the heart strings in the end. Reeves and Bullock don’t spend too much screen time together in this one, but the moments they do share are quite magical.