The Invasion

Rated 1.0

An alien virus stows away on a crashing space shuttle. Humans touch it and begin puking on each other. This is basically a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, minus the cool pods and adding the puke. If you want to see a film where people spew vomit a lot, this is your movie. As for me, film barf is a major turnoff, so that’s a strike against this picture. It doesn’t help that the film is wimpy in the end, thanks to re-shoots and re-edits that neutered the movie’s original intentions. Nicole Kidman stars in the role played previously by the likes of Kevin McCarthy and Donald Sutherland. Humans are being cloned and rendered emotionless and non-violent. That is, they are supposedly non-violent. Actually, they puke on each other, which is pretty violent if you ask me. Jesus, I really hated this movie.