The Interview

Rated 4.0

Co-directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's film, like Team America: World Police 10 years ago, plays like one of those impossibly strange and undeniably funny Warner Brothers propaganda cartoons that were in circulation during Word War II, the ones where the likes of Bugs Bunny would square off against Hitler. This is touchy stuff, but Rogen and his costar James Franco are up to the task of pissing all over North Korea, American media and the CIA. They don't go after these institutions with contemplative, important, intellectual arguments. They attack with dick and shit jokes. Franco plays Dave Skylark, the flamboyant host of an American tabloid interview show, notorious for such stories as Eminem admitting he's gay and Rob Lowe revealing his baldness. When Skylark discovers that Kim Jong-un's favorite TV shows are Big Bang Theory and his program, he conspires with his producer (Rogen) to procure an interview with the world leader that will establish their legitimacy as real news guys. Their plans to just interview the guy get mildly complicated when the CIA gets wind and insists upon the two killing the notoriously reclusive basketball fan. A big “sorry” to all of you looking for The Interview to be some sort of patriotic manifesto intelligently taking a stand against North Korea. For that sort of movie, you must look elsewhere. This film is about the political ramifications of a world leader sharting on live TV.