The Interpreter

Rated 2.0

The Interpreter has a great pedigree, and with that it has great expectations. Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn and director Sydney Pollack line up for a political thriller that must be something fantastic to attract this sort of talent. It sure does look that way for a while as the story of a U.N. interpreter (Kidman) who hears some assassination talk inside her sound booth unfolds. The movie seems as if it’s working up to something. Then, with the lamest of the lame endings, the sucker goes thud.

The lameness of the ending doesn’t really hit you until the ride home. It’s one of those “movie” endings that could never, ever happen, tacked on to a film that was reasonably credible up to that point. Won’t give it away here, but take my word for it. It’s stupid, and it owes a lot to Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs.