The Incredibles

Rated 5.0 Far and away the best CGI-animated film ever made, and one of the best animated films, period. Pixar has done it again with an eye-popping adventure that delivers thrills along with sensitive and well written characters. Mr. Incredible (voice of Craig T. Nelson), an exiled superhero, comes out of retirement and finds himself dueling Syndrome (Jason Lee) on an uncharted island. His wife, Elastigirl, (Holly Hunter, complete with animated Southern drawl) must come to his rescue, enlisting the help of their superpowered children. Writer-director Brad Bird equals the enchantment of his previous triumph, The Iron Giant, and this work gives him master status. No word yet on a follow-up, but here’s to hoping Disney and Pixar bury the hatchet for good and give us more Incredibles adventures.