The Identical

Rated 1.0

This is one of those faith-based movies like God's Not Dead, Heaven is For Real, and Jesus Loved Jellybeans. It's a take on that whole “What if Elvis's twin brother, the one born stillborn a half hour before his arrival, had survived?” It replaces Elvis and Jesse Presley with the fictional Ryan Wade and Drexel Hemsley, both played by real-life Elvis impersonator and heinously terrible actor, Blake Rayne. Obviously, getting the rights to Elvis music would cost more than three new Cadillacs, so the producers of this dreck wrote some crap Elvis copycat music and a shameless script that stars Elvis without really starring Elvis. I would encourage the likes of Lisa Marie Presley to sue the makers of this movie for obviously stealing her dad's likeness, but then she would have to actually see this movie, and I wouldn't wish that fate on anyone. Somehow, this aberration attracted the likes of Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Seth Green and Joe Pantoliano to star in it. I watched this movie in complete disbelief, totally aghast, mouth agape, and laughing out loud at its wretchedness while sitting in a completely empty movie theater. The music, with such wannabe hits as “Boogie Woogie Rock and Roll” and “Sunrise Surfin'” is inexcusably awful, and the “Jesus Loves You” undertones are the equivalent of somebody walking up and smashing you in the face with a Bible and then shoving its pages down your throat while you are lying on the ground unconscious and bleeding.