The Human Stain

Rated 4.0 Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman are astoundingly good in this tragic romance. Based on Philip Roth’s novel, a college professor (Hopkins) is accused of committing a racial slur in his classroom and subsequently resigns. He finds salvation in a friendship with an alienated writer (Gary Sinise) and a love affair with a younger woman (Kidman). Hopkins, after spending a lot of time playing Hannibal Lecter the past few years, provides fuel for the argument that he is one of the world’s best living actors in his performance as Coleman Silk. Conflicted about his past and overjoyed by his rejuvenated love spirit, Coleman is a terrific character study. Equally amazing is Kidman as a woman dealing with recent tragedy and a psycho ex-husband (the great Ed Harris). They make for a convincing screen couple, with Harris and Sinise excellent in their supporting roles.