The Holiday

Rated 2.0

OK, this one was going along fine for the first hour or so, but at two hours and 16 minutes, it’s a bit much. Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet play California and England residents who decide to switch homes for the holidays and get away from their lousy boyfriends. Diaz occupies Winslet’s quaint college and has sex with Jude Law while Winslet hangs out with cool old guy Eli Wallach and movie music composer Jack Black, who does a lousy job of mimicking keyboard playing. Everything goes along in a predictable way, and then you start watching your watch and realizing you’re in some sort of romantic comedy Hell that will never end. The performances are endearing for the most part, but director Nancy Meyers needed to do some major cutting. I am not opposed to a good movie that is miles long, but a mediocre one that seems longer than Roots is uncalled for.