The Hills Have Eyes 2

Rated 1.0

I’ve had my fill of nuclear mutants raping people in movies. I accepted it in the first remake of Wes Craven’s sick movie because the director knew how to scare me, and the rest of the movie was pretty good. The guy at the helm of this atrocity wouldn’t know style if it walked up to him on the street and said, “Hey, how’s it hanging Lousy Director? I’m Style!” Some Army reservists end up alone in the same place where the family in the first film got their asses kicked. When soldiers start getting picked off one by one, people scream, shout, panic and wind up having their intestines eaten. Then, of course, the obligatory mutant rape scene. Very pleasant. The victim gets revenge by smashing the mutant in the nuts with a sledgehammer. Again, very pleasant. I was in Hell watching this movie, and you will be, too. Trust me horror fans, this is not a good thing. Oh, did I mention the soldier living in the toilet bowl? Ten percent of you just decided that this is a must-see.