The Haunting in Connecticut

Rated 1.0

Yet another haunted house movie where a family chooses to stick around and endure countless terrors rather than clear out and do the motel thing. Virginia Madsen stars as the mother of Matt, a cancer-stricken boy (Kyle Gallner) who must get treatment in a Connecticut hospital. The family rents a home nearby, and it turns out that the place used to be a mortuary where séances were conducted. Matt starts seeing some strange things at night, but everybody thinks it’s because of his experimental cancer treatment. Then, other members of the family start seeing things, and the dumbasses still don’t move out. Director Peter Cornwell films things so you can see the scares coming every time, so the movie contains no genuine chills. It’s supposedly based on a true story, which means that somebody out there is a bold faced, stinkin’ liar! I’m sick to death of haunting, possession and exorcism films. I would prefer more films about rambunctious dogs to this crap.