The Hangover: Part II

Rated 2.0

After a promising start, this one degenerates into a murky copy of the outlandishly fun original. This time out, the wolf pack heads to Thailand for Stu’s (Ed Helm) wedding. Stu wants no part of any bachelor party, but a single drink on the eve of his wedding leads to all sorts of filthy shenanigans in Bangkok. Director Todd Phillips recycles and regurgitates a lot of the same jokes, this time with a darker, more sinister twist. Zach Galifianakis, who simply ruled in the first movie, gets a little tiresome this time out. Only Bradley Cooper manages to be consistently funny as the jokes get sleazier and sleazier. There’s a monkey instead of a tiger, and Mike Tyson shows up singing again in what proves to be the film’s most desperate joke. Sure to stand as one of the summer’s—and perhaps the year’s—biggest disappointments.