The Guinns of Reno

Former governor Kenny Guinn, once considered the quintessential Las Vegan, has built a home in Washoe County.

Guinn says that in the eight years of their governorship, he and his wife, Dema, have made some strong friendships in the north that they don’t want to let go of, so they will have a home in the exclusive Montreux area south of Reno.

“We’re going to spend about half our time there. … We have a lot of friends in the north, and they’ve become very good friends. Certainly, we want to keep our association with those people because we’ve gotten to know each other quite well and we enjoy each other’s company.”

The Guinns had their last Christmas in the Carson City governor’s mansion with family members. By then, they had moved most of their things out. They then moved out of the mansion on Christmas night and the morning of the 26th.

The mansion was repainted and the carpets cleaned for the Gibbons family. “It takes quite a bit to clean that place from A to Z,” Guinn said. “You know, you want it very nice for the next person.”

In addition, repairs were made to the rear of the mansion to mend damage from a tree that was blown over by high winds, crashing into the structure.