The Forbidden Kingdom

Rated 3.0

Jackie Chan and Jet Li have some fun in this silly and enjoyable martial arts fantasy. Michael Angarano plays Jason, a Boston teenager who comes into possession of a mysterious staff he finds at a local pawnshop owned by an old man (Chan, in one of two roles). Jason finds himself transported to another time, where he must return the staff to its rightful owner, the legendary Monkey King (Li, having fun in a goofy role). Jason is joined by a drunken warrior (Chan reprising his classic routine) and a silent monk (Li again) and they teach him how to fight. Seeing Chan do his drunken master routine again is worth the price of admission, and Angarano is actually quite respectable when it comes to the martial arts stuff. I’ve never seen Li having anything resembling fun on screen, so it’s fun seeing him clown around.