The Expendables

Rated 2.0

Sylvester Stallone, still kicking in his mid-60s, assembles a cast of action stars far less impressive than he is for a goofy story about mercenaries trying to take out an evil dictator. While Sly is the real deal, folks like Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li and Steve Austin pale in comparison to his greatness, and they drag this movie down. Honestly, a movie about Sly Stallone trying to take down an evil dictator by himself probably would’ve been a little more fun. Jason Statham comes along for the ride, and he is mostly adequate. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis drop by for welcomed cameos, and that scene rules. But most of the movie is ham-fisted dialogue delivered by actors who suck, and what a terrible move to allow the bloodletting to be handled by computers. I know it saves money, but CGI blood spurting is no substitute for Karo syrup. Next time, give Sly some money for a practical makeup effects artist, and keep things real.