The Devil Wears Prada

Rated 2.0

This is one of those films that just sort of sits there as you watch it. The successful and funny moments are negated by an equal amount of dull patches and dumb script moves. Meryl Streep has fun as Miranda Priestly, the nasty-as-heck editor of Runway magazine, a Harper’s Bazaar-type fashion rag. She’s fired her last two new assistants and seeks more cannon fodder. Enter Andy (Anne Hathaway), who aspires to be a journalist but would rather work an inane, non-journalistic job at Runway instead of at a car magazine. The main problem here is that Hathaway can’t carry the movie (Streep has minimal time on screen). Hathaway’s talents seem more suited to TV sitcoms than to big-budget films. Had a better actress been cast in her role, the movie might’ve been more enjoyable. As it stands, it’s quite boring. It also chickens out a bit in the end, abandoning its nasty, satiric intentions for a happy ending.