The Descent

Rated 5.0

If you are a horror fan, and you think the genre has run out of ways to freak you out, see this movie now. Six female friends go on their annual adventure trek, and their unofficial leader Juno (Natalie Jackson Mendoza) has decided this year’s trip will involve cave diving. The women head into the Appalachian Mountains, find themselves a hole and jump on in. The movie is scary enough as the women get in over their heads and find themselves trapped and lost. Director Neil Marshall plays many disorienting tricks with the dark and claustrophobia, making the movie effectively uncomfortable and foreboding. As the women go deeper into the cave, they start to hear strange noises. Then, 45 minutes into the movie, the monsters show up. This is one of the scariest movies in recent years and destined to become a cult classic. The UK version had a bleaker, better ending that you can see on the Internet if you do a little searching.