The debauchers

Bands on the bill

Here’s a quick guide to some of the bands playing Debauch-A-Reno 2. Many of the groups can be heard on a free sampler album that can be downloaded at

The Sonics

“I shat my pants when I found out The Sonics where going to play,” says Sticker Guy’s David Bruce. “They’re a hard band not to want to jump up and down to.”

The Gories

“One of the most legendary bands in all of the garage rock/rock world,” says Joe Almeida, label manager for Slovenly Recordings.

Demon’s Claws

“Modern Canadian legends playing surly, blown-out acid-punk with a country-folk twist,” says Almeida. “Explosive and deep.”

The Sloths

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d be on a gig with one of the bands from Back from the Grave [compilation] whose song we covered,” says Gories guitarist Danny Kroha.

Shannon & the Clams

“Ultra-catchy and cuter than any bunny,” says Almeida. “Party time ’60s girl group doo-wop jungle rhythms.”


A Canadian band that Almeida describes as “Johnny Cash drowning in a pool of cough syrup—it’s like a really trippy country stroll. They don’t sound like anybody I’ve ever heard before.”

Los Vigilantes

A Puerto Rican band that Almeida calls “’60s garage with a really filthy and dumbed-down ’50s doo wop background thing. … They’re just nonstop hits.”

The Anomalys

“Possibly the craziest live rock ’n’ roll band on the face of the Earth,” says Almeida. “They climb speaker towers. They roll around on the floor. They bring their instruments into large crowds and they run around playing them without missing a note. They’re absolute maniacs.”

King Automatic

“I’ve been wanting to see this guy for years,” says Bruce. “This Frenchman took the one-man-band idea to another level by incorporating a keyboard sampler.”


“Totally maniacal 60s style garage punk from Sacramento,” says Almeida. “They break stuff.”

The Psyched

Almeida describes them as “a massive and pure rock ’n’ roll crack to the skull.”

Scurvy Bastards

Every wonder why Reno has a seemingly disproportionate number of pirate-themed bands? Scurvy Bastards is the reason.

Cat Jelly

One of Reno’s new generation of bands—teenage mutants, but with great taste.

Spitting Image

One of Reno’s best bands. It’s like riding through the desert on a bike with no name. On mescaline.

This is only about half the bands on the bill. And there’s a high likelihood of more surprise bands and DJs.