The Day After Tomorrow

Rated 3.0 This is nothing more than silly, grandiose garbage packaged into something that is undeniably moronic, yet entertaining. When an angry-looking weather expert (Dennis Quaid) alerts world authorities to the dangers of global warming, he’s told to piss off. Shortly thereafter, a tidal wave swallows Manhattan, tornadoes engulf Los Angeles, and a new Ice Age sets in, giving him a chance to say a big old “I told you so!” The scenes of destruction are well played and relatively scary, while Quaid’s rescue mission to save his son (Jake Gyllenhaal) in a Manhattan library gets a bit tedious. Still, if you like trash like The Poseidon Adventure, the second half of the film involving the rescue mission isn’t all that bad. Perhaps this film will inspire many people to recycle and drive more energy-efficient cars. Probably not. (CPL, CR, CS, ER, NM)