The Cobbler

Rated 1.0

While Adam Sandler's latest has a fairly interesting premise and gets off to an OK start, it quickly becomes super awkward—even gross—and degenerates into a stupid, predictable thriller. Sandler plays Max, a cobbler in a New York shop once owned by his dad. He has a friendly barber neighbor (Steve Buscemi) and that lethargic, mumbling persona Adam Sandler often employs for his more dramatic efforts. After his electric stitch machine goes kaput, he uses an old manual one in the basement to fix some shoes. He tries them on, and instantly becomes the person who owns the shoes (played by Method Man). He figures this out, and begins using shoes to become other people including, most disgustingly, his long lost father (Dustin Hoffman) for a date with his mother (ew!). The plot then goes in crazy directions as Method Man's character proves to be a street thug, and Max schemes to steal his money so he can buy a tombstone for a family member. Director Tom McCarthy (The Station Agent) is all over the map with this one, attempting too many genres and subplots for a single movie. Sandler just cant seem to make a decent movie these days. (Available for rent and purchase on iTunes, On Demand and during a limited theatrical run.)