The carnage we cause

Have you noticed that the media keeps talking to Trump and his sycophants as if it expects them to suddenly begin telling the truth? This is kinda weird, and there’s absolutely no reason for it. I think it’s mainly just media having a tough time adjusting to new Twitlerian realities. Which is understandable, but really, it’s time to submit, capitulate and get over it. Only then do lovely Anderson Cooper moments become possible, where the media person gets flustered, fed up, and then goes all scatological on the Trumplodyte lackey he/she is interviewing. Anderson apologized via Twitter for his “desk dump” moment, but that was unnecessary. It’s cool, A.C. We feel ya.

On Nov. 12, Dave Chappelle was the host of the first Saturday Night Live episode of the Trump Era. The memorable moment from his monologue was the extremely charitable, “I’m willing to give Trump a chance.” And Dave wasn’t alone in that sentiment. Millions of Hillarians were hoping against hope that Trump would somehow not be a total dick, that he might actually pleasantly surprise, in some way.

Well, here we are, four months into the Twitler Zone, and Chappelle recently reviewed his November remarks. “I fucked up,” he said. It’s cool, Dave. We feel ya.

I’ve visited Mexico a lot in the last 20 years. I’ve been to Baja, Yucatan, Puerto, Cabo, Guadalajara and Chapala. I like it down there. The people are nice. The food is great. The booze is cheap, and the birds and fish are tremendous. But there’s a big problem in Mexico. A really big problem. Its drug war is absolutely outrageous.

Last year, 23,000 Mexicans were killed. … Twenty three thousand?!?! They were mostly cops, soldiers and members of seriously armed drug cartels. I’ll give Dum Dum credit, he was right when he called these guys bad hombres. Not only is this a war, this is a war with a serious stack of corpses. To put it in perspective, U.S. armed forces lost 50,000 men in the 10 years of Vietnam.

Also alarming is this grim stat—in the last 10 weeks, since early March, six Mexican journalists have been killed. Six! Gunned down in the street. Jesus. These cartel guys are nasty. Bad hombres indeed. They’d scare the shit out of Putin.

You can help Mexico. Yes, you. Simply stop buying white powder drugs, which are, of course, the financial foundation of this carnage. No coke, no crank, no crack, no junk. We Americans, unfortunately, are undeniably responsible for this savage mess. Without our money, this shit doesn’t exist. Without our support, thousands don’t have to die.