The Brothers Solomon

Rated 2.0

Will Forte and Will Arnett star as a pair of sheltered brothers who promise to provide their comatose father (Lee Majors) with a grandchild. That’s a problem, because neither are married and they are socially inept due to being raised at the North Pole. The stars have some funny moments, especially the always hysterical Arnett, but the script (by Forte) lacks punch, and the plot feels like a retread. What’s especially sad is that this is the second film with Arnett directed by the great Bob Odenkirk that doesn’t work. Odenkirk is a comic hero of mine, but this and Let’s Go to Prison do not represent him at his best. I’m not worried … I’m not. Odenkirk will more than bounce back from this. He’s too damned funny not to. I just don’t like movies he directs all that much. Kristen Wiig and Malin Akerman are decent in supporting roles, and Chi McBride is funny as Wiig’s large, and extremely sensitive, boyfriend.