The Bourne Ultimatum

Rated 4.0

The third film in the Jason Bourne series is the best. Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is starting to get his memory back, and he’s determined to get at the people who killed his girlfriend and stole his identity. Directed by Paul Greengrass, this is a chase film from beginning to end containing some of the summer’s best action. As Bourne gets closer to the answers about his identity, he faces off against a government agent (David Straithairn, being really bad) who will kill Bourne before letting him uncover secrets. Joan Allen returns as Pamela Landy, as does Julia Stiles as Nicky Parsons. Damon does nicely in the action-hero role, reminding me a bit of Harrison Ford in his prime. A foot chase over rooftops featuring Bourne jumping from building to building is a highlight. The movie leaves itself open for more sequels, but things would be just fine if this were the last one. It wraps the series up nicely.