The Big Four and Deano

While reading all the flim flam, flotsam and flapdoodle surrounding that now infamous letter Senate Republicans sent to Iran, I couldn't help but think—Gee, I wonder if Heller was in on this caper?

My first response registered in less than a second. And you know what they say about first responses. Of course he signed it. That's just what Deano does. For years, I've suspected that any time there was anything at all going on, he has a staffer call McConnell to say, “So how am I voting here?”

I liked the President's response to this senatorial slumming (high solonics?). He said, “I always greatly enjoy it when Senate Republicans, in their neverending quest to make me look bad, end up instead doing the Beltway Two-Step upon their pee-pees, johnsons and tadgers in sky high stilettos. Well done, gentlemen!” I'm paraphrasing here, but you get the gist.

One recreational pursuit that's attractive to all of us is the sampling of these zippy, natty new cafes and restaurants that are popping up all over. We're gettin' some pretty good eats in this burg, and this is most enjoyable research.

But I've also recently refreshed my memories of some of our great old haunts and hangouts, and I want to remind you of the ongoing coolness and quality that is still to be found at the Big Four of 4th Street, a quartet of restaurants that have been doin' it up in Reno for decades, and are still doin' it up mucho goodo. We are all the richer for it. If you're new in town, you should make a point to visit a few or all four of these joints in the next couple of months. Doing this will truly aid in your transition to becoming a genuine Renoid.

Heading east from downtown, the first one of the Four you hit is Louis' Basque Corner. Awesome steaks, fries and picons (they'll school ya), Basque food is Nevada's true ethnic cuisine, and it's great hearty social dining at its best. Don't expect any Napa cabs, chards or zins.

Then there's Big Ed's. A true palace of American comfort food, with burgers, meatloaf and weekend brunch action to friggin' die for. Chow down on Sunday morning, then go home and enjoy your nap.

Next is Casale's Halfway Club, as in halfway between Reno and Sparks. The Casales, especially Mama Ines, are legendary around here, for good reason. Absolutely killer pizzas, lasagna and ravioli, plus the joint will positively charm your ass off without lifting a finger.

Finally, there's the Coney Island Bar and Grill. I just ate there recently, and they did me up to the max with their fried chicken and their thin-sliced tri-tip and their great cheap wine and their low down funky red brick vibe. So yes, when you just want to feel this town's roots and enjoy some great food to boot, don't forget that classic Big Four on Fourth Street.