The Benchwarmers

Rated 3.0

Three grown-up nerds (Rob Schneider, David Spade and Jon Heder) decide to defend the honor of a new crop of nerds by challenging baseball field bullies to a tournament. Dennis Dugan, director of Happy Gilmore, revels in brain-dead comedy, and this is his best effort since Sandler took that wicked golf swing. Heder is a complete waste as the town man-child, but Schneider does a good straight guy while Spade is pretty funny sporting a bowl cut and pencil moustache. The film’s biggest laughs come from supporting characters, like the “little man” who lives in his mother’s basement cowering in his peanut butter fort, and the albino who thinks the sun is a monster. Jon Lovitz scores big laughs as a billionaire nerd who adorns his home with Star Wars memorabilia and robots. This is major lowbrow humor and not for everybody.