The Bank Job

Rated 2.0

This bank heist film based on a real crime has its moments but ultimately feels a bit run-of-the-mill. Jason Statham plays Terry, brought in on a mysterious bank job by Martine (Saffron Burrows). The job consists of drilling under an old bank to raid some safety deposit boxes. Terry is shocked to find out that the boxes contain more than money and jewelry. Elements of the robbery are entertaining, but Statham isn’t the most captivating of actors, Burrows is definitely dull, and the rest of the cast fails to distinguish itself. The way Terry’s character remains in the dark about the true meaning of the heist is unconvincing because he’s depicted as a shrewd criminal. It’s a harmless movie containing good moments but never becomes anything to really remember. It is surprising that this is loosely based on something that really happened, proof positive that English government officials should never practice bondage.