The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call-New Orleans

Rated 4.0

Other than its name, this has nothing to do with the Harvey Keitel police drama where he showed off his junk. Nicolas Cage is at his gonzo best as Terence, a New Orleans cop who, after getting injured on duty, suffers from major back pain. He gets addicted to various painkillers and drugs, and this starts to have a nasty effect on his daily routine. Cage makes up for all the crap he’s participated in over the last five years, giving his best performance of the decade. Director Werner Herzog gives Cage many moments to go bat shit, and Cage does this with glee. His stare down with a couple of iguanas is a classic. Eva Mendes, Cage’s costar in Ghost Rider, is very good as Terence’s hooker girlfriend, while Xzibit gets his best acting work yet as a drug dealer. One of this year’s craziest movies, and a nice chance for Cage to show he hasn’t lost any of his ability to create off-the-wall characters.