The Ayers relationship can’t be undone

You can tell a lot about people’s character by the company they keep. The well known phrase, “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family” comes to mind. We can’t pick our family, we can, however, pick our friends and companions; these are the people who help to show the character we each have within us.

There is something to be said about Sen. Barack Obama’s character when he has chosen to affiliate himself with William Ayers. Ayers is a former domestic terrorist and an utter disgrace. This man was part of a violent group called the Weather Underground. They took part in bombings and other despicable acts. Ayers said, referring to that bombing,"I feel we didn’t do enough.” This sort of thought process doesn’t change. And this is why it is disturbing that Sen. Obama chose to align himself with William Ayers.

We choose the people we associate with. Sen. Obama has questionable ties with Ayers. One of the first moments he stepped into the political realm was in Ayers’ apartment in Illinois. Obama and Ayers have worked together and have known each other for years.

I would not go so far as to say that Sen. Obama believes all the same things William Ayers does. I would not assume that Sen. Obama condones this man’s actions. But the fact of the matter is, Sen. Obama worked with and made friends with a person of questionable character.

The people who surround us help to shape who we are. Some of us surround ourselves with people who are better than us because we want to be better people as well. Some people associate themselves with people who are more powerful because they want to be in the presence of a person who can show them how to obtain more power. Barack Obama made friends with a terrorist—a man who, if not now, at one point hated the United States. A man of this sort can teach Sen. Obama nothing that would help him as the president of this great nation.

This shows Obama’s lack of judgment. He played nice with William Ayers to help himself. Obama wanted to find a way to reach the top, and he found that in the help of William Ayers.

Choosing to push ahead in his career and using anyone who might be of use was a risky road to take for Sen. Obama. Working with a terrorist was a poor choice, and it shows the country his poor judgment. And, without a doubt, this shows us all that Sen. Obama’s moral compass is pointed far from north.

The choices we make and the people we associate ourselves with define us. Sen. Obama has shown us how he is to be defined: a man who looks to the top and has no cares as to how he is going to get there.

Morals are of little importance for Obama. His alliance with William Ayers has shown us this. It is time the voters of Nevada and this country look at the choices Obama has made. Look past the rhetoric and intriguing speeches and see him for what he truly is, a man with poor judgment and great lack of experience.