The Areas of My Expertise

John Hodgman

This is an almanac of carefully crafted embellishments, half-truths and outright lies that only contains one fact: Hodgman is hilarious. Questionable information, like debated planets and hobo matters, lurks on all 255 pages. Readers can learn how to win a fight, and sample attack ads are included. Graphs, charts and illustrations are creatively compiled to ensure comic relief for all fact-weary readers. The Penguin Books paperback edition was worth the wait. It’s superior to the hardcover edition of 2005, for it contains an additional 100 hobo names, excerpts from Hodgman’s next book (which may or may not be real) and an appendix filled with updates for fake trivia. This portable reference book can be read backwards, forwards or flipped to at any random page whenever the compulsion to laugh out loud arises.