The Alamo

Rated 4.0 In one of his best performances, Billy Bob Thornton is incredible as Davy Crockett, the frontier man turned politician who thought the fighting was all over when he showed up at a Texas mission looking to claim some land. Delivering one of the more human versions of the legendary figure, Thornton’s Crockett is confused, a bit frightened and tremendously heroic. Director John Lee Hancock took this project over after the studio balked at Ron Howard’s violent and extremely expensive intentions, and he’s done a fine job. Jason Patric is noteworthy as James Bowie, dying of consumption as Santa Anna’s army breaks down his door. The movie takes its time getting to the final battle, allowing the characters some depth before the inevitable bloodletting. Audiences are shunning this one at the theaters, and they are missing some good work. Hopefully, it will find some life after its home video release because it’s solid moviemaking.