The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D

Rated 2.0

While this isn’t very good, director Robert Rodriguez takes a step forward after the supremely disappointing Spy Kids 3-D. The special effects are a little better this time around, and the 3-D effect is good fun at times. The story itself is a mess, throwing a little too much into the proceedings and losing its way. The kid actors are all pretty good, which makes one wish they had been provided with a script containing a little more substance. Rodriguez is a good filmmaker, but more time and care could’ve made this movie worthwhile instead of a gimmicky throwaway. He’s turning out films at record speed (he also did this year’s Sin City) and could perhaps use a little break. Someday, somebody will perfect a 3-D viewing system where the audience doesn’t get the sensation of having their eyeballs sucked out while wearing the glasses. Damn, did I have a headache.