The 40 Year Old Virgin

Rated 3.0

There are some good laughs in this oddly heartwarming story about a guy who hasn’t done it yet. Steve Carell is the title character, a collector of action figures and devout bike rider who hasn’t been able to make it happen with the ladies. He works at an electronics store, where his coworkers discover his plight and set out to get the man super laid. A series of bad dates involving vomit and shower nozzles leads up to that climatic moment where paradise is found and the virgin is no more. Carell proves he’s capable of carrying his own film. He’s also completely nuts, allowing for his chest hair to be waxed, for real, on camera. You can see blood welling up on his chest when the wax is torn away, and that’s also his blood soaking through a shirt. As for the supporting cast, Paul Rudd continues to establish himself as one of the great comic actors working today, and it’s time he gets his own movie. The movie isn’t totally hilarious, but it certainly has enough good laughs to justify seeing it.