That’s not all he’s not

The Phony President’s inspirational message to America on Martin Luther King Day, 2018: “I am not a racist. I’m the least racist person you have ever interviewed.”

Thank you, Dum Dum, for this very freshest of lies. (One thing you can say about Trump—his lies are always Da Freshest!) And here, with this “I am not a racist” kneeslapper, we see how effortlessly he can roll out a truly solid. But this is news? Sorry, Donny, mah man, but BOR-ING! Of course he’s a racist. He firmly sealed that deal years ago, as he picked at that flesh-eating Birther scab. (No matter, for by the time you read this, he’ll have moved on to fresher dope.)

So, time to review the one year anniversary of this mess. Pathological liar—check. Racist pig—check. Adulterer who pays porn babe sex partners six figures to shut up—check. Total fucking moron who barely has a clue as to how the hell all this goddamn government works—check. Completely evil prick who will say anything to cover for his Russian boyfriends, including oligarchs, mobsters and politicians—check.

Remember, just two years ago, we had a professional, reasonable president who was not a racist, not a liar, not an adulterer, not a moron and not a flaming jerk of an asshole. We are on the road to Idiocracy, brothers and sisters, and it appears, I’m sorry to report, that we’re in the fast lane. (And just to refresh your memory, if it’s been a while since you’ve seen that Mike Judge classic flick of a future moronic America, Terry Crews played the President in that one, and his full name was President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.)

Speaking of the POTUS and porn, some columnist somewhere nailed it—“Normally, a sex scandal like the president buying the silence of a porn star would very likely be the scandal that would take that president down.” Now? Ho hum. No biggie. Just another day in Trumpland. Just another day that ends in “y.”

In just one year, the office of the presidency has been degraded, and degraded hard. This hasn’t been a subtle operation. And if it turns out that Trump and the kids are the biggest money launderers in history, would you be at all surprised? Even one tiny bit? Remember Eric’s line to that golf writer, about how they don’t need to deal with American banks anymore, because they’ve got money coming in from Russia? And really, at this point, why would even one democratic senator/congressperson show up to Dum Dum’s SOTU speech on the 30th?