That’s My Boy

Rated 2.0

I’ve been hating—vehemently hating—Adam Sandler’s broad comedies of late. Jack and Jill, Grown Ups, Just Go with It and Bedtime Stories all blew. Funny People was great, but that wasn’t a Sandler vehicle. It worked because Judd Apatow was at the helm. Watching Sandler’s latest, in which he plays a former child star who got his teacher pregnant, I found myself almost liking it. It’s bad, but it’s almost good-bad in a Billy Madison sort of way. I’ve really been longing for the days when I could go to a Sandler film, shut my brain off, and revel in how creatively and comically stupid it could be. Andy Samberg stars as Sandler’s son, and jokes about whacking off to grandmas, pants shitting and incest ensue. There are some solid laughs, but a lot of duds. Will Sandler ever get his dumb comedy mojo back? He’s currently working on Grown Ups 2, so the future is bleak.