Texts disclosed in filings

Text messages among Reno City Hall figures tend to reveal their mindsets.

These messages were included in court filings, apparently the fruit of discovery in litigation over sexual harassment charges against former city manager Andrew Clinger, and show a coziness with lobbyists and a disdain toward colleagues. The former city manager who has just been appointed financial head of the state’s higher education system.

The texts were reported by reporter Bob Conrad of This is Reno.

One text sent by Assistant City Manager Kate Thomas called City Finance Director Robert Chisel a “fucking greedy bastard.” She was commenting on a text by Clinger saying “the rats are jumping ship” about city workers who were leaving city employment. Paradoxically, Thomas, Chisel and Clinger all later left the city. Chisel now has the same post at the Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority and Thomas is assistant county manager.

On another occasion, City Clerk Ashley Turney informed Clinger that City Councilmember Jenny Brekhus was objecting to a Verdi development: “FYI Jenny filed an appeal. I already notified Jessica.” This apparently references former city councilmember Jessica Sferrazza, now a developers’ lobbyist and member of the Washoe County Airport Authority.

Clinger has been the target of litigation by female city administrators claiming sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. He was also hit with a lawsuit by another woman during his service as state budget director, but it was dismissed.