Texas Chainsaw 3D

Rated 1.0

This movie starts directly after the events of the 1974 original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, where we see some murderous townspeople burn down the Sawyer house, home of Leatherface, and steal a baby. Cut to years later, when a woman (Alexandra Daddario) finds out she has inherited a house, and that she’s the baby stolen in 1974. Wait a minute? That’s 38 years ago, Daddario is 26—and looks 23—and this movie is most definitely set in 2012 (it says so on a gravestone and there are smart phones). Oh, never mind. It has bigger problems than that. There are a couple of good scares after Leatherface is unleashed but, oh lordy, do things get mega-stupid in the end. I liked Daddario, and I think director John Luessenhop has put together one of the better-looking Chainsaw films. Unfortunately, he’s also made one of the dumbest.