Teenage dream

Welcome to our 2015 Teen Issue. This time around, we’ve let some intrepid young people steal most of the show—from stories, columns and interviews to the heartfelt art and poetry you’ll find featured in this week’s paper.

Our contributors hail from various schools around town, including Sparks High School, Rainshadow Community Charter High School and Clayton Middle School. Clayton seventh-grader Kate Reese was the youngest wordsmith to throw her hat in the ring, and she managed to get three bylines this week (“Uh oh,” I told my husband after seeing her work. “That kid's going to be bossing me around someday. I can already tell.”)

I was technically the teenagers' editor, sure, but their real mentor, point woman and all-around wrangler was Meredith Tanzer. Upbeat and well-connected, Tanzer is vice president of Build Our Center, a nonprofit that aims to provide a nurturing space for LGBTQA—Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and allied—folks in Northern Nevada. Her efforts can be felt throughout these pages.

So many grownups are apt to forget the burning questions, fresh heartaches and poignant creativity that fit so naturally in the lives of teenagers. Tanzer hasn't forgotten, though. Maybe you haven't, either.

Thanks so much for reading.

Georgia Fisher

Special Projects Editor