Ted 2

Rated 2.0

The original Ted was the oddest of charmers. A profane teddy bear saying some of the most disgusting stuff ever in a mainstream movie, teamed with Mark Wahlberg in dumb puppy dog mode, proved to be a winning success. Now, with 20 or so million extra dollars to spend over the original Ted budget, Seth MacFarlane goes crazy, with a near two-hour movie that feels like five. It is way overstuffed and often ill conceived. Ted the teddy bear (voiced by MacFarlane), in a bid to be recognized as human, winds up in a courtroom trying to prove he isn't just property. MacFarlane actually compares his plight to slaves and Dred Scott. Really? Wow. As funny as the film can be at times, and MacFarlane does manage some good guffaws, it just torpedoes itself with the running time and courtroom scenes. MacFarlane falls victim to that need for making a sequel bigger and grander than the original. A simpler film that relied more on the gags and less on bullshit sentimentality would've been just fine. There's no need for 75 percent of this movie to exist, especially the courtroom crap. Amanda Seyfried is a nice addition as a new love interest and Ted's stoned lawyer, and a couple of celebrity cameos are fun. Overall, it's a step in the wrong direction for this talking teddy franchise.