Rated 1.0 Jimmy Fallon leaves SNL behind for this terrible, terrible movie. He plays a dumb cop who loses his license for reckless driving, then commandeers a taxi with a speed-hungry driver (Queen Latifah, in her worst role yet. No…wait…that would be her role in Bringin’ Down the House). The daring duo pursue a legion of hot supermodel bank robbers, which leads to plenty of shots of their legs and Fallon looking all bug-eyed. The action goes under the misconception that car chases can be hilarious. Passengers get thrown around in Latifah’s backseat, looking all scared and startled, often mashing their face into the window that separates the driver from the passenger. None of this works to any degree. No laughs, no excitement, and reason enough for Fallon to rethink his career trajectory and get himself back on a television show. Will surely stand as one of the year’s worst films.