Tap that

In a hospitable town such as Reno, I’d like to think that if one were to ask for a glass of water, one would get it. But I suppose it’s good to have the nicety formally acknowledged. Tapit, a national program that lists cafes and restaurants that let people fill their reusable water bottles with tap water, does just that. Reno just joined the program through GoodStanding, a division of Olsen & Associates. The idea is to reduce waste by offering people an alternative to buying more bottled water.

Fifteen local businesses were signed up as of press time: Blue Moon Pizza, Café Musee, The Cheese Board, Delta Café Coffee Co., Dish, Downtown Marketplace, Freeman’s Natural Hotdogs, House of Bread, Java Jungle/Jungle Vino, My Favorite Muffin, Niko’s Greek Deli, Truckee Meadows Water Authority, Truckee River Eats & Sweets, and Voila. A free iPhone app at tapitwater.com lets users know when other locations are added and where you can fill up.