Talking back to money and power

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Now that 2016 is finally over, it’s time for progressives to shake off the depression and get ready for action. January promises to be a busy month of resistance to the rhetoric, policies and deplorable behavior—pathological lying, boundless braggadocio, and conflict-laden situations—involving President Trump and his merry band of profiteers masquerading as Cabinet members. Stand up and be counted as a supporter of the progress our country has made in reproductive rights, clean air and water and marriage equality. Make it clear that attempts to move us backward will be met with fierce opposition.

The evening of Jan. 6, drop by the Earth2Trump Roadshow and Resistance Rally at the McKinley Arts Center in Reno, starting at 6:30 p.m. The “resistance roadshow” is sponsored by the Center for Biological Diversity and will bring speakers and musicians to 16 cities as it winds its way to Washington, arriving just in time to bear witness to the Trump inauguration. Participants will be asked to take action against Trump’s “assault on America’s clean air, clean water, climate, wildlife, civil rights, reproductive rights, gender and racial equality, and freedom of speech and religion.”

Leading House and Senate Democrats have called for a national “day of action” on Jan 15 to show support for maintaining the health care of millions of Americans through the Affordable Care Act. “Save Health Care” rallies will be held across the nation to oppose the Republican plan to privatize Medicare and repeal Obamacare.

The day after the inauguration, on Saturday, Jan. 21, Reno residents will participate in the national Women’s March on Washington by walking in solidarity in what is shaping up to be one of Reno’s largest demonstrations in recent history. Participants will assemble at the federal building at 400 S. Virginia St. at 9 a.m. and march four blocks to the BELIEVE sculpture on the plaza outside City Hall. Local speakers and community organizations will be on hand to offer inspiration and opportunities to take action to support the rights of women, their families and communities.

The goal of the national Women’s March is to send a message to all levels of government that citizens expect elected leaders to act when fundamental rights of women and vulnerable communities are threatened in the new administration, because “defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.” The sister march in Reno is being organized by several local women who wanted to create an event for those unable to travel to Washington D.C. The women asked the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN) to assist with organizational details.

The Women’s March is intended to be non-violent, although organizers are anticipating a strong negative reaction from some Trump supporters. To that end, PLAN is sponsoring Peacekeeper and Volunteer Training this Saturday, Jan. 7, from 9 to 11 a.m., to prepare a cadre of volunteers to de-escalate confrontations and encourage non-violent resistance. A sign-making party is planned for Saturday, Jan. 14. Call PLAN at 348-7557 for details.

The month wraps up with the 2017 Progressive State of the State speech, scheduled for Thursday, January 26th, at 6 p.m. at Cathexes, 250 Bell St. in Reno. The biannual speech is known for packing a progressive punch to counter the anticipated rosy “Tesla will solve all our problems” State of the State speech offered by Gov.Sandoval earlier in January.

Follow the action on Twitter through the hashtags #Earth2Trump and #WomensMarchonWashington and follow PLAN at @PLANevada. Go ahead and follow @realDonaldTrump while you’re at it. It’s a surreal experience to read his tweets in real time. If they don’t motivate you to get off the couch, nothing will.